Advice about age difference when dating dating eu friend

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In your friends' case, 1/2 of 32=16 7=23 as the youngest acceptable.

Unfortunately family pressures on her end prevented anything further.The younger you are, the more of a difference a few years life experience can make.A ten year difference when you are over 40, is probably meaningless (until one hits retirement while the other is still working their butt off). As long as she is over 18 and they get along, what is the problem?But if this dude thinks it's inappropriate, if limiting his opportunities works for him, who cares?? You think a 32 yo guy and a 23 yo old woman might be too large of an age gap? I'm inclined to think that he didn't enjoy their cozy moment as much as he expected and, not being too fond of attachments either, he is just giving an excuse. a girl getting fond of you after a couple of days camping and telling others about it hoping for it to get to you is a bit... In my opinion, this had nothing to do with age; she was a bad person, personally I was surprised that he put up with her for almost a full year.Anyway, the girl from the camp seems very nice and has her stuff together.

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