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He has one half-brother called James Ireland, who is age 16/17. In early 2011, it was annouced that they were dating but they broke up mid-way through the year - very publicly at that.

James is a budding tennis player, he recently competed in Young Wimbledon he has one younger half brother Alex Pettyfer has one younger half-brother from his mother's marriage. Yes they did, but they broke up in March 2011 No, they broke up in March 2011.

A cast for Chatroom was announced in London newspaper The Daily Mail on and Alex Pettyfer's name was not included.....

So could all his REAL fans please stop asking him now? xx Yes IMDb Pro says that Alex is rumored to be in Chatroom, but no official cast has been announced for that film and filming had not yet begun as of the end of April 2009.

But we can now add Dianna Agron to a list that already includes Alexa Chung, Emma Stone, Kaia Gerber, Claire Foy, Katie Holmes and Robin Wright. But Dianna Agron and her husband Winston Marshall didn't seem to notice as they held hands while enjoying a stroll in the city.The 31-year-old actress, who's arguably best known for playing Quinn Fabray on Glee, was wrapped up in a distinctive black, white and dark red check overcoat.Winston is the banjo player for British band Mumford & Sons.The 28-year-old kept up his rock star creds by wearing black from head to toe.

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