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For all the three approaches, I have used a image to show a spinning gear kind of a progress bar while the Update Panel is performing some action.The image can be found with the source code for this article over here.Hover Menu功能:鼠标靠近时显示菜单,可以用在在线数据修改的表格上作为功能菜单细节: (1)Popup Control ID要弹出来什么(2)Popup Postion 在哪里弹出来Left (Default), Right, Top, Bottom, Center.(3)Offset X/Offset Y 弹出项与源控件的距离(4) Pop Delay 弹出延时显示 单位milliseconds. I want my Update Panel Animation Extender animation to always show in the center of the browser window even after a window resize or page scroll.The Page Request Manager class handles the partial-page updates of the Update Panel.This class defines client events that you can use during an asynchronous request cycle.In the example below, we use the same to display progress while the Update Panel is updating its content.For understanding purposes, we have emulated a time consuming operation by setting a delay of 3 seconds by using Thread. In the code shown above, we use the Associated Update Panel ID property of the Update Progress control to associate it with an Update Panel control.

Filtered Text Box功能:文本框数据过滤细节: (1)过滤条件Numbers Lowercase Letters Uppercase Letters Custom(2)过滤条件也可以是Custom的组合 Filter Type="Custom, Numbers"(3)Valid Chars=" -=/*()." Custom要定义这样的有效字符串(4) 其实这是个鸡肋:你可以输入中文,聊胜于无,忍了12. Popup Control功能:任何控件上都可以弹出任何内容细节: (1)Target Control ID - The ID of the control to attach to (2)Popup Control ID - The ID of the control to display (3)Commit Property -属性来标识返回的值(4) Commit Script -把返回结果值通过脚本处理,用到Commit Property 21.

This tutorial shows how to set up such an animation for an Update Panel.

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I recently was faced with the task of creating a slideshow with the AJAX Control toolkit.

Now, there is a built in Slideshow control but it requires a webservice for the datasource, and I didn't want to clutter up my web project.

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