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In Broadcast News (1987), Athena news producer Holly Hunter chooses between Apollo reporter Albert Brooks and Poseidon news anchor William Hurt.In The Abyss (1989), Ed Harris plays a cowboy-style foreman on a sea floor oil drilling rig.She protected and advised heroic men, e.g., Perseus, Jason, Odysseus, and Heracles (Hercules). She's judgmental, critical, conscientious, clean, thrifty, and efficient.She expresses criticism, but her criticism of others is minor compared to her inner self-criticism.

Athena women can take the life out of a party or conversation. Athena executives can be unsupportive of other women, especially lower-status women such as secretaries.E.g., Athena restrained Achilles from drawing his sword in anger against his leader, Agamemnon.Expect titanic battles, but in the long run they'll balance and mature.They'd rent surrogate mothers to produce the babies, if they could. Poseidon men should work on their ability to communicate with women-or ask a friend to talk for them.They can be good mothers of competitive, extroverted, intellectual children-but not of sensitive, physical, or emotional children. Athena women typically marry Zeus men, e.g., Hillary and Bill Clinton.

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