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There is a magnificent Mahabodhi temple and the Tree from the original sapling still stands in the temple premises.

The temple is an architectural amalgamation of many centuries, cultures and heritages.

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Significantly, the state's name of ' Bihar' originated from ' Vihara' meaning monasteries which abounded in Bihar.

Several centuries after Buddha's passing away, the Maurya Emperor Ashoka (234-198 BC) contributed tremendously towards the revival, consolidation and spread of the original religion.

It is the monasteries, Ashoka built for the Buddhist monks and the pillars known as Ashokan Pillars erected to commemorate innumerable historical sites associated with the Buddha's life, mostly intact to this day, that helped scholars and pilgrims alike to trace the life events and preaching of a truly extraordinary man.

Those offering guest rooms include the Mhabodhi Society (opposite entrance to temple complex), the Cambodian housing complex, Japanese temple (Indosan Niponji), Burmese (Myanmar) Vihara, and several others.

They do not charge fixed nightly rates, but instead accept donations (ask other guests for the going rate). There is a whole string of guesthouses just opposite the park from the Mahabodhi Temple. Mohammad's Restaurant (see ' Eat' section) has free wifi internet access. Respect[] Beggars[] There are many beggars in Bodh Gaya, especially outside temple entrances. Nevertheless, they are typically not as determined as the rickshaw drivers or street peddlers trying to sell cheap souvenirs at an exorbitant price.

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