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On a date, there is no other expectation of you as a woman other than to pay for your own part of the bill and open your own doors.

Men can do the cooking, laundry, and cleaning just as much as the woman can and everyone is expected to contribute equally.

That also isn’t to say that American dating culture is a direct result of Christian beliefs, but that the social construct of dating in the USA is in one way or another tied into that.

What part of the second amendment do you not understand?

It is none of your business if someone decides they don’t care to live any longer.

The “too long, didn’t read” version: I started fucking on the first date in my teens because I dared to fuck the way men do. Sex on the first date is a completely acceptable practice here in Sweden and it’s a practice I agree with because I am not going to spend five dates with a guy only to discover he’s terrible in bed.

I won’t try to theorize on why sex is not such a big deal here, but I imagine it might be related to the fact that “Christian values” don’t make up the underlying foundation of Swedish morality.

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