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This allows a user to stream live video at a medium resolution to ensure smooth frame rates whilst recording the same images at a high resolution to the device’s integral hard drive.

The 4G HD Speed Dome's 3MP PTZ camera features 360° movement, 20x optical and 16x digital zoom, and day/night capability.

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The 4G HD Speed Dome uses the latest zero-latency technology to allow users to benefit from live HD quality video (up to 1080p) over wireless networks at speeds up to 25 frames per second with full PTZ responsiveness.

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You can then use the following URLs: JPEG Frames Where IPADDRESS is the IP address of the computer running ispy and CAM_ID is the ID of the camera you want a feed from (you can find the ID by clicking "Edit" on the camera - it will be displayed in the title bar of the form).

There may be a short delay between clicking the icon and hearing the audio (whilst it buffers).

You can integrate video streams from ispy in other applications by accessing the local server directly.

i Spy Connect supports live feeds from both cameras and microphones.

Live video is available through i Spy Connect in a variety of resolutions.

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