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Texas has its progressive pockets, but they felt lifetimes away from my town.

I didn’t know what would happen if people found out I was gay, but I could guarantee they wouldn’t stay the same.

Heavy, I know, but thank goodness he didn’t try to have sex with that boy, huh? Not because of the antichrist or the Nazis, but because of Pawel. After years of celibacy I told people from my church that I was in the I felt them saying behind my back, and I haven’t heard from them since the days they approved of me.

I would go sit with my feet in the water and imagine a world where I wasn’t hopelessly broken.Church is more than getting talked at, and nobody should get lost in the masses, they reasoned. No one came down and said you had to hang out with this or that group exclusively, but if that was your surest path to holiness, most people I knew saw their emphasis shift that way. Its members will be asked to focus on those most like themselves, and as long as the gays are told we aren’t capable of being like them, they’ll pass us by.You have to be known by those who are capable of knowing you best to become who God wants you to be. Add in a burgeoning career and toddlers and a new house and all the things life starts giving you in your late twenties and thirties and pretty soon making time for your community group is about the only thing outside of your immediate family you have time, let alone emotional energy for. Churches who ask celibacy of their gay members take on the assumption that while it might be difficult, with God, a celibate life is at least possible.I was gay and was doing my best to listen to my church, but did I have any role to play beyond silently hoping someone I wanted to have sex with might go on to save the world? It was a sentiment I held on to with everything I had.The Catholic Church I grew up in has two foundational principles when it comes to gay people: I have yet to meet a person who is actually willing or able to live out both of these principles. If they could make it real, gripping onto both these principles at the same time, that meant I might have a chance in my church.

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