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He eventually showered and dressed, but without any indication that he was interested in me.

After catching a cold and not going to the health club for a week, I returned to see the large man working out, lifting very heavy weights.

Completely unexpectedly, he moved his towel to show a soft, six-inch hard cock.The month-long search for a decent, affordable health club finally ended when I found one where there was a good mix of ages and races.I was particularly pleased with the fact that they had a clean facility, steam room, sauna, whirlpool, and a large open shower area. My name is James, a middle-aged white man whose sex drive is out of control.My venture to find a health club has resulted in several opportunities to engage in sexual acts with many men, most of whom are married and possibly straight.The occurrences in this story are real but some of the details are not accurate as my memory fades when I put the experiences into writing.

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