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But the truth of the matter is that the Vedas are Anaadi and Nitya, with out beginning and with out end and eternal , like sound.

They manifest themselves after each Pralaya (deluge).

There are various methods in Vedhaadhyayana (memorising the Veda mantras) which help to preserve the number an d the order of the words and letters of each Veda Mantra.

There are specifications regarding the time interval (matra) for the utterance of each letter in a word; the part of the body from which each of the sounds in the word should emanate by the exhalation of the breath in an appropriate manner ; the affinities between the Swaraas in the Vedas and the Swaraas in Sangeeta (music) and the affinities of both (Veda Swaraas and Sangeeta Swaraas) to the natural Swaraas in the sounds produced by animals , birds, etc.

The sacred books of Buddhism, Christianity and Islam have definite historical dates assigned to them.

The Tripitakas are said to have been written about the time of Asoka , though the Buddha's date , according to some puranas, went further back by several centuries.

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Of the innumerable Veda Saakhaas, we know now only of one out of the 21 branches of the Rig Veda, three out of the 101 branches of the Yajur Veda, two or possibly three out of 1,000 branches of the Saama Veda, and on e only out of 11 branches of Atharva Veda, one will have to devote to its learning about eight years, night and day.It is common knowledge and experience that if a thing is in constant use, it will wear out and bear marks of such use and wear, and that a thing rarely used . English, Tamil and Hindi have changed in from through the centuries and undergone even distortions by usage.But the language of the Vedas remains to-day the same in form and feature as it was at time out of memory.Another method adopted for fixing the age of the Vedas is to go by the changes in the style of Hindu scriptures, from the Rik Samhita down to the Kaavya literature.In the case of spoken languages , it has been computed that gradual mutations took place with the passage of every 200 years.

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