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While they were singing, he barely ever took his eyes off her (and if he was just performing, he would have made sure to make contact with the camera and audience like she did). I have a picture of Skylar and Colton I took at the Nashville airport this morning.

When Skylar was asked about the rumors, she told E! I've been getting a lot of tweets that ask, 'Are you and Colton Dixon dating?

(Or, as Steven Tyler called it, they made love singing to each other.) And I know that can just be the sign of two great performers. I'm super stoked now, the CMA fest looks like it's so much fun (Ok Nashville period looks like so much fun).

Their duet to "Don't You Wanna Stay" was MAGICAL.

With another cut coming tonight, Elise isn't worried about the elimination.

"I try not to think about it, and right before it happens, I get the worst anxiety ever!

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