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We doubt we'll ever find out as Cory is famously private about his love life.

In fact, he believes it is "unfair" to put his dating life out there — especially if the person he is seeing doesn't work in the public eye.

Booker was previously linked to entertainment lawyer Bianca Levin.

Nonetheless, we think Cory and Cleo make a fine pair!

And New York-born Levin, 36, certainly makes an impressive partner.

’ ” A spokesman for Booker said, “We don’t comment on the senator’s personal life.” Calls to Levin’s office were not returned.

Remember when Cory Booker very earnestly, very thirstily asked Mindy Kaling out on a date over Twitter? He just wanted to have a casual dinner with a beautiful, intelligent woman and use that opportunity to defend Newark.

You see, despite what we all witnessed with our own eyes, Booker is now playing this off like there was nothing romantic about his intentions.

Her show gave a little dis to Newark, and I’m a big defender of cities, and so I called her out on it. so we’ll see what happens in the future.” What I am inferring from this statement, and the many more that followed it, are that Kaling is too busy and or not actually interested in Booker and he has made it his life goal to get her over to New Jersey so he can show her that he just really, really cares about her. “A lot of people read more into it then there’s there, but this is just somebody I really revere, and have just a reverence for in terms of the impact that she is making in so many ways…

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