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Ollie says that he might be bi and she says that he hasnt been with a woman for 10 years. He says that its going to be another Dick and Daniele season where everyone wants him out but wont do it. PM BBT: Memphis and Angie are in the BY on the couch discussing what they need to do in the game.

She said that he really went into specifics last night and doesnt believe that hes 100% gay and the things coming out of his mouth were worse than a straight mans. They talk about Renny and Memphis thinks she needs to go sooner than later.

Steven tells Keesha well i would do it i would even suck on your titties a little and the girls scream some more and Steven says ok you dont like your nipples licked i really dont mind going down. Steven jumps up and goes over to Renny's bed and gets on top like he is gonna mount her and she is pulling the covers over her face and cackling hysterically. Steven is manning the hose and watering down the fake grass while Memphis is rubbing the water in. Renny said Michelle is a fierce competitor and that her and Jessie have hooked up pretty much since day one.

Someone opens the door and turns on the light because of the noise. They are saying the slop also makes you constipated. Keesha says, "Mmmhmm." Jessie and Libra come outside and interrupt the conversation.

Libra says he doesn't like black women - still laughing hysterically - and Steven says, Hey youre a vote for me to stay so you are next and is offering his services for votes. Steven comes out of the DR and informs them what they can and cant do with the slip n slide. Angie is cutting the bags and helping with the taping.

The conversation is about Jessie and the fact that he doesn't call his woman his girlfriend and Keesha says she would hang around the guy is he did that to her.

Michelle explains that if she gets Ho H shell probably put up Jerry and Renny.

Jessie keeps talking about production and we keep getting Fot H.

April and Ollie are in the sauna room chatting and lip smacking.

There is no blanket tonight so I'm sure we wont have any body slamming.

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