Dating and benefits of it

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So each time I go on a date, I have to check to be certain I can afford one or two (or three or four...) drinks or, even worse, an entire meal.

During times when I am not concerned with actively dating, I can stay in and eat Popeye's while letting my debit card get a much-deserved break.

Talking to new people all day long is tiring, and you'll breathe a sigh of relief when you're not always checking your phone *just one more time* to see if that guy on Tinder messaged you back yet.

When you aren't actively dating, it's like a #TBT to the olden days when the only way to meet someone was out in the wild, at a bar or club with your friends.

Here are six benefits of being single and not dating to encourage you to take a break from Tinder and focus on the person who really matters: you.The most important thing you can do while single and not dating is make a commitment to trying new things, or doing more of something you love that dating previously took time away from.When you do decide to start dating again, you'll be a better version of you, and you'll have a better chance of finding someone awesome who truly complements you.Obviously, the goal of going out is to have fun, not just find someone to hook up with, but if you're super single and haven't been dating lately, it will be extra exciting if you happen to meet a cute stranger while out.It's like an unexpected surprise, and you'll appreciate the attention more if you've been focused on yourself and no one else recently.

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