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My parents’ differing educational levels have never seemed to be an issue in their relationship.

However, times were different when my parent’s started dating.

(Images via 1 & 2) Other women nod their heads in agreement.

My mother has a Master’s degree and is a retired teacher, whilst my father worked in manufacturing and has a high school diploma.

Also, teaching isn’t a typical white-collar job, and has even been labeled as a pink-collar profession.I’m not down on blue-collar dudes, Matt was a blue-collar dude before he graduated college and little after.He did concrete work from the age of 16 till a little after college and he also knows carpentry.And of course the various “collars” of professions (stereotypically) differ in these regards.In fact, I’ve heard several white-collar women say that their reluctance to date blue-collar men stems from a belief that these men won’t be as worldly or intellectual as their degreed, suit and tie wearing counterparts.

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