Dating guide for plus size women

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“New hemlines like shark-bite [an inverted deep scoop that’s longer on the sides and shorter in the middle] and ruffles can both flatter and add a bit of interest,” advises Spivok-Richman. And why not: They suck you in, minimize lumps and bumps, create a smooth foundation for your clothing, and make you look generally trimmer.“Since our bodies change throughout the month, a variety of sizes might be a good idea to have in your shapewear arsenal,” says Brewer.What to look for: “A great differentiating cocktail dress—not a classic,” says Marie Denee, founder of the style blog the Curvy Fashionista. When it comes to skirts, the experts agree that these two shapes are the most flattering.

I guess it’s hard to say to somebody, “I have a great girl for you, but she’s fat—are you okay with that? People are image-conscious, and it takes a very secure man to advertise his preference for a woman of size.

“I want to make sure I’m going to get some mileage on these curves! “Tunics are great for clean lines around your upper body and providing coverage around hips and thighs,” says Brewer.

What to look for: The best styles draw the eye upward to focus attention on your face, according to Brewer, so think scooped, V-necked, or embellished necklines. Make sure the hem doesn’t hang below the rear, says Spivok-Richman: “It will hug you and not look very attractive.” Fabrics with light stretch will help prevent pulling and tugging. ” says Frances Freixas, chief creative officer for national plus-size retailer Fashion to Figure, who notes that the majority of her sales staff wears the undergarments all day, every day.

“Make sure you have the right size for the right fit! Feeling uncomfortable should not have to be the price you pay to look good.” What to look for: This ain’t your mama’s girdle.

The modern version of the body-slimmer comes in almost every style imaginable, which means you can choose one that addresses your particular needs.

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