Dating highly intelligent man

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We are freed from unnecessary conflict and can focus instead on valuing each other for our positive qualities.

We still have arguments, of course, and sometimes I’m still as emotionally dumb as a rock.

I was happy to perform some handyman task if asked, but I certainly didn’t jump up to fold laundry when my wife put the basket in front of me.

If she wanted me to go grocery shopping with her, I went with little patience and some confusion: “I know I should go because she asked, but she can’t expect me to tolerate this longer than half an hour, right?

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He respects his partner’s perspective and values, acknowledges her feelings, and shares decision-making power with her.Women expect more from their husbands than ever before.The days of us husbands putting our feet up or refusing to share our feelings are long gone.But when I’m emotionally smart, I strive for a mutually-agreeable compromise rather than winning the argument.Gottman believes this may be the “fundamental difference” between emotionally intelligent and unintelligent husbands.

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