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Lavalife isn’t particularly difficult to use, but it is more difficult than some other dating sites simply because of the number of search options and features available, and it can be slightly daunting when you first start off using the site.

That said, navigation is very straightforward with tabs and drop-down boxes used, and the website as a whole has a clean, modern look to it with an emphasis on visuals and photographs, so in no time at all users will become accustomed to the site.

“I find it ironic because many of the tech ideas on the show really emphasize that it’s not about the technology anymore because you can be up and running very quickly, it’s really a marketing barrier to entry.

To get the best out of the site you may need a paid subscription, as a free user cannot initiate contact with other members (other than a smile etc), but free users can respond to emails they receive.

Frind Agreed, noting that he sold his company (for 0 million) because he was tired: “There isn’t really much innovation in the dating space; the features we have today are the same features we had five years ago.

It just got kind of boring and I wanted to do something new.” You can watch the whole interview here.

All information you enter on Lavalife is kept confidential and is not shared with other members.

In their privacy statement they do mention that whilst they use up to date technology to protect photographs and videos, they cannot guarantee that they cannot be copied or captured by third parties.

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