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The finetune bridge had metal saddles, and the stop tail was engraved with a harp-and-scroll design. Five finishes were available initially – cherry sunburst, brown (tobacco) sunburst, cherry, brown (tobacco) and black. In ’76, Yamaha produced a limited edition SG-2000 Devadip model with a fancy engraved pearl inlay on the belly of an antique Japanese woman in native dress holding a flower, obviously inspired by Santana’s custom SG-175. through ’84, after which it was transformed in to the SBG-2100.The Gibson Influence In ’79 or so Gibson began to object to Yamaha’s use of the SG prefix. (probably Canada and perhaps elsewhere outside of Japan) it became the SG-2000S. It appears Yamaha also modified the 2000’s specs, probably to further differentiate it from Gibson models. The SG-2000 was produced in Japan until regular production was stopped in ’88.Both were set-neck, carved-top mahogany guitars with a little elevated pickguards.The SG-90 was fairly plain, with simple top binding, no binding on the fingerboard, dot inlays, and chrome hardware.

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Yamaha was definitely pursuing its own vision, so it’s no wonder the SG-2000 was greeted so enthusiastically.The SG-2000 employed the basic look of the SG-175, combined with both subtle refinements and some bolder new ideas.Instead of carved solid mahogany, the SG-2000 had a carved, mildly figured three-piece maple top, with the grain of the center section set perpendicular to the sides.Of all the excellent – and generally unheralded – guitars built by Yamaha over the years, none has achieved quite the legendary status as the Yamaha SG-2000 (SBG-2000), based primarily because of its association early on with Carlos Santana.Most sources cite 1976 as the debut date of this model, however, as usual, there’s more to the story.

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