Dating via internet

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and niche dating sites, like JDate, offered singles opportunities to post, browse, and connect. (2007) call this the first generation of computer dating.But, the online dating scene changed dramatically with the launching of e Harmony in 2000.It really wasn’t until the Internet that online dating exploded.One more early computer dating service warrants mention, Project Cupid.Anyway, after putting together the heads of some of the best relationship experts in the field (George Levinger, Elaine Hatfield, and Zick Rubin and others), along with substantial funding, these experts came away from several meetings with “little confidence in their ability to devise satisfactory matches” or matches better than the clients could make on their own (Finkle, et al. By this time, computers were smaller, less expensive, easier to use, and readily available.

Today, online dating has gone even further, beyond the first generation of browse and connect sites, the second generation of matching sites to a third generation of mobile dating apps.

Computer dating is now mainstream and socially acceptable.

So, how does this new match making service change connecting and is it an improvement?

He said that perhaps the most important function of the computer dating service was letting boys know who was available. Computer access was limited to universities and industry.

By the mid-sixties computers were being used for the purpose of matching thousands of potential romantic partners. And, there was no easy way to communicate with applicants.

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