Dating women with adhd

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Sandra Scott, 49, (right) is a businesswoman, diagnosed with ADHD at 46.Both describe mixed feelings about their medication and the struggles of coping with the condition on a daily basis That's not to say that those with ADHD aren't successful – famous celebrities such as Jamie Oliver, Jim Carey, Richard Branson and Justin Timberlake all have ADHD.'What the diagnosis has really done is let me forgive myself,' Scott revealed.She explained how she used to berate herself for losing things and being disorganised.According to medical guidelines, ADHD affects five percent of school-aged children and the male to female ratio in diagnosed ADHD prevalence is at least four to one. School-aged children grow up and turn into adults, and while they sometimes ease, symptoms don't suddenly disappear.Jamie Tambor, 23, (left) is a healthcare worker, diagnosed with the condition at six.

She'd been known to cut off her cat's whiskers, slam tweezers into the wall and in secondary school, she spent fifteen weeks in detention for lateness.

'When you've got little kids on a carpet, the little boy will be the one who's jumping, he can't sit down, he suddenly runs out of the room.

Whereas a girl with ADHD is the one who is last out of the room, who walks into things or who forgets stuff.'She adds that there is a social influence that also has a big impact on the underdiagnosis of girls, especially reflected in attitudes when she was growing up.

Dr Susan Young is a neuropsychologist working at Imperial College London who specialises in ADHD in women.

Sharing her knowledge of the condition she explained that ADHD is a chronic longstanding problem that continues well into adulthood.

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