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Two questions: what do you project for him in 2017, and is he the most fun player to watch in MLB when he's playing this well?

(Truganini from CO) at all, so this is tough for me.

While chatting, I've been listening to GKMC and IYRTITL.

I wasn't a big fan of Kendrick's latest album, though, and ultimately give the edge to Drake. (Nick Shlain) too much or is it that we don't value them enough? Player A 83 25 80 26 .261 .74 player B 71 23 79 9 .269 .86 I'd rather have Player B at that price and use the surplus .88 to buy SB and other stats.

Here's an exercise: group your favorite X number of MLB second basemen and see how many were second basemen in the low-minors. Aside from the above, His lack of power hurts, sure.

If anything, though, the fact that steals are becoming harder and harder to come by help his value rather than hurt it, even if his 1 home run is compared to guys hitting 15-20 homers rather than 10-15 homers.

Even on his top-end, though, I'm not convinced he's too much different than About the same, although I wouldn't expect him to win another batting title again since that involves a bit of luck on top of the skill.

Maybe second base shouldn't be looked at as a "tough profile" any more than any other position. Click here for a free card so you can see what's missing.Click here for more information on Baseball Prospectus subscriptions or to subscribe and get instant access to the best baseball content on the web. Click here for a free card so you can see what's missing.Also overemphasizes his true value, particularly if you don't turn the SGP feature ON.Most importantly, if you value SB "correctly" but your league is paying significantly less for it, you are going to wind up with Billy Hamilton, and not have enough stats elsewhere to compete in your league.

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