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I don't think he's an everyday player by the All-Star Break in 2017, if not sooner.However, when he is playing this well, he's dynamite.

(Craig Goldstein)Craig, do you think we've run into an issue where teams are overvaluing years of control when making deals?While chatting, I've been listening to GKMC and IYRTITL.I wasn't a big fan of Kendrick's latest album, though, and ultimately give the edge to Drake. (Nick Shlain) too much or is it that we don't value them enough? Player A 83 25 80 26 .261 .74 player B 71 23 79 9 .269 .86 I'd rather have Player B at that price and use the surplus .88 to buy SB and other stats.Also overemphasizes his true value, particularly if you don't turn the SGP feature ON.Most importantly, if you value SB "correctly" but your league is paying significantly less for it, you are going to wind up with Billy Hamilton, and not have enough stats elsewhere to compete in your league.

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