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Are you feeding sinful thoughts and desires that need to be repented of fully before you are fit for any serious relationship? People who believe that marriage is meant to complete them or make them happy are invariably depressed in marriage. Because when two sinners marry, there will be struggles and pain.Marriage does have happiness, but it is first meant for our sanctification and holiness.Is your goal to meet someone with whom you can grow in your relationship with Jesus?

5) As you stand back and objectively consider her, is she like any of the women that Proverbs warns against? And, inviting in godly older people with wisdom to help us make this decision is also crucial.He pointed out that some Christian couples are "living together, sleeping together," but again insisted that the Bible is against it."The Bible doesn't look favorably to living together in a romantic relationship and doing things that married couples are allowed to do."Driscoll noted that the majority of marriages today are proceeded by cohabitation, which he said is "not just tolerated, but celebrated" in today's society.He suggested that couples who live together before they are married face "increased rates of divorce, depression, assault, and even murder."The Trinity Church pastor argued that while some people think living together helps them prepare for marriage, the truth is that "statistically, it helps you prepare for divorce.""Couples who tend to stick together and enjoy unity, they do not cohabitate, they do not practice fornication before marriage," he added."Do it God's way, because God's way is the best way."3.The pastor emphasized that it is important to only "marry someone who loves the Lord," and not rush into a marriage otherwise.Back in September, Driscoll also talked about whether non-virgins should marry virgins, and admitted that he was sexually active before he was married and became a Christian."I was sexually active before I met Grace, she was a Christian, and I was not," he said at the time.

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