Driscoll dating updating the fairness doctrine

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Would you consider yourself honored to be with her because of how she speaks, carries herself, prays, worships God, makes decisions, serves others, works, and interacts with other men? Is she an unfaithful woman prone to flirt with other men and likely to be an adulteress (Prov. However, because who we marry is the second most important decision we ever make (following who our God is), we must be prayerful, careful, and biblical in our decision.5) As you stand back and objectively consider her, is she like any of the women that Proverbs warns against? And, inviting in godly older people with wisdom to help us make this decision is also crucial.Statistically speaking, you will almost certainly get married to someone at some point in your life, and it is the next biggest decision you will ever make, second only to your decision to follow Jesus. Before we discuss the type of person a Christian should or should not date, it is important to ask the Holy Spirit to reveal any sins and idols guiding your desires so that you can repent.

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Marriage does have happiness, but it is first meant for our sanctification and holiness.Is your goal to meet someone with whom you can grow in your relationship with Jesus?Are you taking your cues not from Scripture, the Holy Spirit and godly friends, but from magazines, talk shows, the media, pornography and godless acquaintances?Over lunch not long ago with a group of single men, they began asking what they should be praying for and looking for in a possible wife. Since the Bible calls you to humbly, lovingly, and sacrificially lead your family, you need to have a wife who walk with you and trust you.Over the course of our meal, much of our discussion focused on the following questions. Examples include single mothers, widows, shy women, and those divorced on biblical grounds. I enjoy being at home with her, I enjoy traveling with her, and more than anyone else she is the friend with whom I enjoy having fun. This means she agrees with your theology, trusts your decision-making, appreciates the other men you surround yourself with for counsel, and also respects the way you seek her input and invite her counsel as you make decisions.

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