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’ and that meant that we had to kick it in the ass,” Anderson says, finishing Duchovny’s thought.

The pair, of course, crack up at the memory.“The thing is, now, we don’t need that sort of motivation,” Duchovny says. Look, we both have love-hate relationships with our characters.

As star David Duchovny told at the time, “I’d assumed it was dead.”It wasn’t.

In what creator Chris Carter (and many other TV writers and critics) calls the Golden Age of Television, the series was able to reboot in a six-episode story arch that avoided the drag of the old-school 24-episode season while garnering solid reviews and getting bang-up ratings in the process.

They joke and chide each other easily, and finish each other’s thoughts like an old married couple—just the way you’d want them to. and they leave so happy not to be us.” Anderson’s been married twice and has three kids.returned to the small screen in 2016 after a 14-year absence from primetime television, it seemed an impossible dream come true for the legions of fans of the franchise.At the heart of it all, of course, is the unique and enduring chemistry between Duchovny and Gillian Anderson, one that always made , and that wouldn't be there without David and Gillian,” Carter says.“I tell people all the time, it's a little bit of a miracle that David and Gillian have so much chemistry, because when we cast them as individual actors we couldn’t put them in a room together and simply say, ‘Chemistry.’ We just hoped that it would work, and remarkably it did from the moment I first saw them on the first day of shooting in Vancouver in 1993.

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