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I will be using Sql objects directly into methods to keep the example simple and straight forward.

In practical scenario you should use your existing architecture to populate and update the data.

When Update link of the Grid View will be clicked (in edit mode), On Row Updating event will fire that will call Update Record method.

In this method, we have to get changed values of Text Box and Drop Down list and also we need the primary key value for the record that is being edited.

When Cancel link is clicked on Grid View in edit mode, On Row Canceling Edit event will fire that will call Cancel Record method.

In this article, I am going to explain how to manipulate data using Grid View control.

This article scope is limited to Updating and Deleting records using Grid View and I am not using any readymade Data controls for that but manually writing all event methods.

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The data comes from the DB and I am using LIST Code Behind Page protected void Grid View1_Row Data Bound(object sender, Grid View Row Event Args e) { if (e. You will need to get the vehicle id for the current row and set the selectedvalue to that. If you are not including the key in the row and you have the Data Key Names property of the gridview set then you could use that to get the key Hi Cherryhomesj, Here is my code and aspx page, I really don't understand what is going on.

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