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Thanks to the Russian distributors that they did not rehash songs - the translation is in the form of subtitles, but the quality of this leaves much to be desired.

The attempt to creatively rethink the lyrics of the song loses the meaning of the words being sung, and often it does not coincide with the phrase that is being sung at the moment.

He did not give up his dream and achieved the task.

As hangdog jazz cat Sebastian, Gosling soft-shoes his way through a fantasy Los Angeles with down-on-her-luck actress Mia (Emma Stone), and as romance blossoms, their emotions tend to explode into euphoric production set pieces complete with all the classical trimmings.

His track record already has an excellent "Obsession" and "Cloverfield, 10", and "La La Land" is another worthy work.

An interesting story with excellent characters, elegant dialogues and dizzying visuals, luxurious music and exciting dances.

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The visual component also did not disappoint - the film was shot on a widescreen film (the last time Tarantino used it in his "Ghoulish Eight") with a characteristic large grain to increase the resemblance to the classics of Hollywood musical films ("Singing in the Rain," "Cherbourg Umbrellas" and others ) Thanks to this, the film is perceived as an artifact outside of time, hinting that the story could have happened both yesterday and half a century ago.So it's more surprising to watch on the movie screens a new picture of Damien Shazell, who, contrary to pressure, did not abandon his dream and realized his ideas in his painting "La La Land" Was it worth it to pursue a dream so fiercely?Los Angeles, traffic jams, drivers are signaling and trying to outrun each other.These two more and more often come across each other in a huge city, reducing the two fates together.She shares her dreams, he - their own, but the stronger their love, the further their own dreams become about the career of an actress, about a jazz club.

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