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If it was small (say, under 100k records), I may not have bothered and moved onto something more sizable.

It's pretty much the same effort for me regardless of size and bigger breaches impact more people so this helps me prioritise.

Men and women always have and will always continue to look for their ideal partner.

In this busy world dating sites online have picked up a lot of steam and according to many experts this is the way to go in the future.

I am not sure I have figured out the answer but I always hear either the stock market or adult industry.

I take a quick spin through and it's the usual trove of insert statements.

I want a quick count of just how many email addresses are in the thing though so I point a little app I wrote at it to extract them all (it does some basic parsing and other checks): That's a sizeable result, nearly 1.4M email addresses (a bunch of them appear multiple times based on the output above).

Time to check out the site, VPN and Incognito browser first thank you very much (probably make sure the kids aren't around too...): Alright, so this is a bit volatile because it's not just a porn site, it's dealing with fantasies too which is really personal stuff.

In fact, the site has redirected to it looks like it's designed to facilitate physical encounters.

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