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Mishandled credit card information is the biggest risk with adult sites.

The site lets you offer free trials to your referrals so you almost have a 99% chance of converting or making money.

The sender of the file has said it's from and that's all I have to go on.

I want a quick count of just how many email addresses are in the thing though so I point a little app I wrote at it to extract them all (it does some basic parsing and other checks): That's a sizeable result, nearly 1.4M email addresses (a bunch of them appear multiple times based on the output above).This is exactly the process I go through, unedited and at the time of writing, with a completely unknown outcome.Warning: This one is allegedly an adult website and you're going to see terms and concepts related to exactly the sort of thing you'd expect from a site like that.In just 30 days I was able to get over 400 sign ups. communicate the end result, but I thought it would be more interesting to readers if I took you through the whole process of verifying the legitimacy of the data and pinpointing the source.

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    If you do need to cancel an order, please contact our Customer Service Dept.

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    Stresses How Much “He” or “She” Doesn’t Speak Your Language Very Well Starting the conversation with the “sorry excuse my bad English” line is clever because it makes the user more forgiving and less suspicious of some of the aforementioned bot patterns.

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