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The Hall of Names is pictured here., in Hebrew, draws believers of all faiths who come to pray and tuck notes into the cracks between its ancient stones.Two thousand years ago, the wall, built by Herod the Great, encircled the Temple Mount.Go early in the day, when the light is good, for breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside.

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Jerusalem's Church of the Holy Sepulcher is probably the most sacred one in Christendom, but it's not the first on its site. This multi-storied structure can be confusing to navigate, as it's dimly lit, crowded and maze-like, and the lines to see Christ's Tomb are often long. In Biblical times, olive trees grew on the Mount of Olives, a hill east of Jerusalem.As YEP grows, we continue to update our benefits and offerings to support our members in the best ways possible. We are committed to creating a stronger, more connected community of people who share ideas, skills and resources to advance careers and enrich lives. It's here that the Bible says Jesus preached and walked on water.In nearby Tiberias, visit the 19th-century Church of St.

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