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She also looks phenomenal in a bikini — a fact that Lost's producers haven't been shy about taking advantage of.

Lilly has become the ultimate desert-island fantasy of 2005 — the tough girl with improbably well-conditioned hair who could kill you a boar but still look fabulous at the end of the day.: an airplane traveling from Sydney to Los Angeles makes a crash landing on a remote island, leaving forty-eight survivors and a lot of luggage.

What she doesn't want: any more scenes where she sits on the beach pining for Fox's character, the good doctor Jack. I would say, ' No, no, no way not again, I'm not doing it.' And the director would say, ' Come on, do it for me, one more time.'" is that strangest of phenomena: a cult show with blockbuster ratings.

"How many times have you seen Kate staring into the ocean, and suddenly Jack walks up and sits down beside her and they have a heart-to-heart? Although it had an annoying habit of alternating excellent episodes with mediocre ones, it finished its first season at Number Fourteen in the Nielsens.

n an island somewhere in the Pacific Ocean, strange things are happening, things not usually seen on network television.

We refer, of course, to the Hawaiian island of Oahu, overrun by a marauding pack known as the cast of TV's hottest show, .""One night, we had all gone bowling," says Evangeline Lilly, 26, who plays the show's female lead, the beautiful but mysterious criminal Kate.

Raised Baptist and Mennonite, Lilly taught Sunday school for eight years, and one of her first jobs out of high school was as a flight attendant for a "really shitty airline." Not exactly typical network-TV-star material. Just two weeks before shooting was set to begin on the pilot, he saw Lilly's audition tape and proclaimed her to be both beautiful and goofy — exactly the girl he wanted. Before Lilly took the part, Abrams looked her in the eye and said, "You have no idea what's about to happen.

After her run, she returned to the campsite to grab a green headscarf, sunglasses and a beach chair to relax and enjoy the view.

The brunette beauty has said that she stays in shape by doing workouts she truly enjoys.

"Stepping into the lead of a show with no experience? According to Lilly, Fox tells her something different.

Between takes on location, she'll shinny up a vine or maybe eat a slug on a dare, at which point she will receive a steely Fox gaze: "He's constantly looking at me and saying, ' Evie, do you realize you're really weird?

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