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They managed this by being secretive and clubbish and never soliciting job applications. She lasted four turbulent years and was killed in a car wreck. They were clients of and each year did the investigating for no fee.It was easy work, they said, checking out unsuspecting law students.We’re not a bunch of Holy Rollers, but we put business ahead of everything. And we make plenty of money.”“I can live with all that.”“We reserve the right to test any member of The Firm for drug use.”“I don’t use drugs.”“Good. We take great pride in our technical expertise, and the training is continual, for all of us. A base salary of eighty thousand the first year, plus bonuses. We deal only with people who can pay.”“How long does it take to make partner? Toward that end we invest an enormous amount of time and money in ourselves, especially our new people. They knew she had received ,000 from the mine explosion, squandered most of it, then went crazy after her oldest son was killed in Vietnam. ” asked Mitch, dreaming of a black 318i with a sunroof.* * *The ancient Mazda hatchback with three hubcaps and a badly cracked windshield hung in the gutter with its front wheels sideways, aiming at the curb, preventing a roll down the hill. She was dreaming, he could tell, probably of furniture, and wallpaper, and perhaps a pool before too long. They’re very selective, and they take a lot of pride in paying top dollar.

I’ve been with seven years, and went over a hundred thousand four years ago.”Mitch thought about this for a second and figured by the time he was thirty he could be well over a hundred thousand, maybe close to two hundred thousand. They watched him carefully and knew exactly what he was calculating.“What’s an international tax firm doing in Memphis? They were hillbillies from Kentucky, with few friends. Mitch opened the wine and filled two plastic wineglasses.“I had a great interview today,” he said.“Who? ”He ceremoniously dipped chow mein from the container onto both plates, then ripped open the tiny packages of soy sauce. He opened another container and began dividing the egg foo yung. For months now it had been accepted that they would rent some place until some distant, unimaginable point in the future when they achieved affluence and would then qualify for a large mortgage. They would force painful smiles and comment on how nice everything was, and before long Mr. It sat in the middle of Cotton Row on Front Street near the river. Everybody likes the Peabody.”They stepped into the front foyer, where a small billboard greeted Mr. He explained the layout of the building and introduced Mitch to various secretaries and paralegals as they walked.

A few appeared to be in awe, as if staring at Joe Namath.

The senior partner continued his monologue while Mitch stood awkwardly beside him. “Lamar will give Mitch a tour of our offices, so you’ll have a chance to chat with him later. Tonight he and his lovely, and I do mean lovely, wife, Abby, will eat ribs at the Rendezvous, and of course tomorrow night is dinner at my place.

Two months ago he had been offered cocaine at a law school party. He drank an occasional beer, but drinking was expensive and he had no money. Precisely at two-thirty someone knocked on the door. He was glib and engaging with a mellow, almost professional baritone. Seemed like yesterday they were interviewing and submitting resumes and scared to death they wouldn’t find a job and three years of sweat and torture would be down the drain. Lambert asked.“Top five.” Not top five percent, but top five. He knew they would not dwell on academics.“Why did you select Harvard? I applied at several schools and was accepted everywhere. I’ve worked hard.”“You made extremely high grades in your tax and securities courses.”“That’s where my interest lies.”“We’ve reviewed your writing sample, and it’s quite impressive.”“Thank you.

Lamar looked at the partners, who slid the resume and dossier into an open briefcase. Lamar buttoned his top button and opened the door.“Mitchell Mc Deere? They sat around a shiny mahogany conference table and exchanged pleasantries. He was now a seasoned veteran in the search of employment, and he knew they wanted him. With three job offers from three of the most prestigious firms in the country, he did not need this interview, this firm. At sixty-one, he was the grandfather of the firm and spent most of his time administering and balancing the enormous egos of some of the richest lawyers in the country. They knew what he was going through, all right.“May I ask a question? ”“I’m afraid that’s none of your business.” He stared at Royce Mc Knight and exposed a mammoth chip on his shoulder. I’m not fond of cold weather.”“Have you ever been to Memphis? You’ll love it.”Mitch smiled and nodded and played along. How could he consider such a small firm in such a small town when Wall Street was waiting? I enjoy research.”They nodded and acknowledged this obvious lie. No law student or lawyer in his right mind enjoyed research, yet, without fail, every prospective associate professed a deep love for the library.“Tell us about your wife,” Royce Mc Knight said, almost meekly. But it was a standard, nonsacred area explored by every firm.“Her name is Abby.

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