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Yes, I agree that no single carrier could have handled the data demands of the i Phone, thats why everyone will get the best possible experience if the i Phone is available on as many carriers as possible.

And speaking for T-Mobile, I think that major publications have rated them to have a perfectly fine network in most metropolitan areas, sometimes even the best single carrier in a particular region. Best of all, they offer plans without a contract and without a phone subsidy where they pass on the savings to you.

Moennig was a presenter at the 17th annual GLAAD awards and appeared at the 10th annual Ribbon of Hope Celebration.

She also played as the guest artist in many of the television series and some of her major roles include Young Americans and The L Word.

She appeared in a Red Cross Campaign benefiting victims of Hurricane Katrina.Hopefully 1700mhz band is a hidden feature in i Phone 4, supposedly the hardware in the other i Phones cannot be made compatible with it.I don't know why people on this board would be negative about the idea of ANY additional carrier getting the i Phone.Somewhere a few pages back there is a thread accusing the Republicans of being domestic terrorists.Reality is, both parties gleefully sodomize the 99% ("middle class" and below), the Ds are just a little more sly and subtle about it.

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