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(Residence Tax) Payment, that shows both the amount of tax and amount of payment for one entire year, 1 copy.*If the Residence Tax certificate does not show both the amount of tax and the amount of payment received, then separate certificates of taxation and of payment must be submitted*Documents must be issued within three months of application.Wedding Certificate issued by the foreign spouse’s country, 1 copy*If the applicant’s country also issues family registers (e.g.

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It is technically possible to apply for a visa without a Co E, but you will have to submit all of the same documents that you would submit for the Co E, plus a convincing explanation as to why you couldn’t apply for the Co E first.

If, following your marriage, either partner wants to change their legal name, do so before continuing with the Co E process (and make sure to update your name in the Japanese spouse’s Koseki!

), so that you have the same legal name throughout your paperwork.

Since we were moving to Japan, I decided to adopt my wife’s Japanese name.

Laws on name changes vary by country (and US State), but I was able to change mine with no more documentation than a certified translation of our wedding certificate.

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