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Anderson explained that although the title of his documentary was Fuck, he allowed alternate designations using an asterisk.The film and content he controlled would refer to the title as Fuck, including theatrical and DVD editions.

There were inherent problems with this approach, including an inability to advertise the true title in mainstream media such as The New York Times and Los Angeles Times (they used four asterisks instead), although the real title might be permitted in alternative newspapers such as LA Weekly.He acknowledged that there are terms considered by society more vulgar than "fuck", but said that this particular word creates controversy and dialogue.In an interview about the film on his website, Anderson discussed problems he encountered in naming his film Fuck instead of a censored version of the word.He decided to research the film's topic due to the word's versatility and his interest in language as a writer.The director explained in an interview that he was fascinated with the word "fuck" because of its different uses.

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