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Eric Haump was the VAG rep from Germany who was on a tour showing the Syncro to the Pacific basin.

The engine on the 4x4 was a normal carburetted unit that looked very simple compared to the normal Aussie Transporters with fuel injection.

But on the top-line GL Caravelle you do get velour seat trimming, a good sound system and central door locking.

The test vehicle was also fitted with an optional three-speed automatic transmission, and you can add a sunroof, air conditioning and various paint choices.

Finally, all the Govt officials were more than impressed, and VW will apply for tenders next year.

The Syncro will be available in either single or twin-cab pickup, Kombi or Caravelle.

It is also the safest of the people movers, with noticeably more sheet metal and legroom ahead of the driver and front-seat passenger than any of the Japanese family vans.

The centre of gravity is rather high, and so was my anxiety.This is a far cry from the early-mid 1970s when Kombis were competitively priced, and VW had over 60% of the Australian van market. Volkswagen has never been a company to make changes for change’s sake, particularly with the Transporter, but a new model Kombi has just been introduced to celebrate the changeover to unleaded petrol.It looks the same as the latest-shape ‘Wasserboxer’ Transporter range introduced several years ago.We can only hope that LNC’s wisdom will allow these models for sale in Australia, because if they do there will be a lot of Mitsubishi L300 4WDs on the used car market.Top By Paul Gover March 1987When you have driven all the Japanese people-movers you still have to come back to the benchmark, the Volkswagen Kombi.

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