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The AJC fought very hard to persuade the government to bomb Auschwitz.This time the battle is between John Pehle at the WRB and John Mc Cloy at the War Department.11/23/38 I received a letter from Rebecca relating the destruction on the 9th. Rebecca says that all Jews have been strippedof their positions, wealth, and property.(16) Now the Nazis propose an income tax for “Nazi charity.”(17) Rebecca has saved a bit of money to give to the Heinrichs to help pay for food. 3/10/40 I have a theory that Roosevelt is straddling the fence. The “action” is supposed to please people like me; the “little” is supposed to please the anti-Semites.(21) 6/25/40 Rabbi Wise’s colleague, Dr.Nahum Goldmann,(22) told me how helpful Eleanor Roosevelt has been.Unfortunately, FDR has been listening to the State Department instead of his wife.

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Rabbi Wise discussed Gerhart’s telegram(36) and said that a similar copy had been sent to Sydney Silverman,(37) who then sent it to Rabbi Wise who received it on August 28, three weeks after Gerhart had sent it.(38) The telegram states that Hitler is now implementing the “Final Solution” to kill all remaining Jews. This catastrophe was only reported in NYT on page ten.(43) Today, NYT reported on page sixteen on another press conference held by Rabbi Wise.(44) Although buried, the article does give a good description of how Rabbi Wise met with many Jewish leaders on the morning of the 25th and then told the press that his information had been confirmed by the State Department. I lay awake at night fearing they’re in a concentration camp. Members of Congress are saying he lied to the committee about how many Jews had been allowed to enter America.(54) I’m so glad that Representative Celler told everyone that Long was not telling the truth.(55) 1/3/44 I’ve learned that Breckinridge Long and Sumner Welles tried to prevent sending money to European Jews to help them escape from the Nazis.(56) Treasury Secretary Morgenthau, who pushed for sending the money, found out about the State Department’s sabotage.(57) I’m exhilarated.Rebecca stumbled across an old school friend who was head of the children’s concentration camp where Daniel was held.(26) He asked if there were anything he could do for her, and she told him about Daniel. 6/13/41 The Nyassa,(27) on which Rebecca and Daniel are travelling, arrived in port today. The Nazis are now blocking the exits of the European countries under their control.(28) Rebecca and Daniel were on the last ship! 10/26/41 Since Roosevelt signed the Bloom-Van Nuys bill in June,(29) the State Department’s policy on immigration has become even worse, according to Rabbi Wise. government has been all words and no action.(50) 7/23/43 Rabbi Wise met with FDR yesterday regarding Gerhart’s plan to rescue thousands of Rumanian Jews;(51) the President gave his approval.(52) 7/29/43 Rabbi Wise and Dr.Now, it’s even harder to get into this country.(30) 12/8/41 America has officially entered the war. citizens to know about the “Final Solution,” but the State Department wants to withhold the information until it is verified.(39) The AJC knows it must compromise. Rabbi Wise is being criticized heavily for complying with the State Department’s position, but he feels that without government confirmation, the news would bethought of as just more Jewish propaganda. Today is the Day of Mourning.(45) It reminds me of the Madison Square Garden rally last July.(46) For a few minutes every radio will be silent, every road will be clear to mourn those unfortunate Nazi victims in Europe. Goldmann introduced me to a young man, Jan Karski, working for the Polish underground.Long and the State Department’s policy have been exposed. Rabbi Wise told me about yesterday’s meeting at the White House.(58) The conflict within the government between the State and Treasury Departments(59) may be resolved.2/6/44 John Pehle was appointed to direct the War Refugee Board (WRB).(60) This is the answer to our prayers and efforts.

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