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JEFFREEAnonymous, July 12, 2008hahaah omg sticky you guys are fucking amazing the spelling mistakes made me really lol…I mean everyone makes spelling mistakes but those are big ones. I saw on jeffree’s buznet that he doesnt like raquel reed either… So he though “hey my ‘best friend’ is dating the lead singer of one of todays ‘hottest bands’ lets bash them” just my opinion. Also, Hanna Beth did take ALL photos of her and Jeffree off her My Space.

Unless Jeffree was shaking his putrid tranny cock at the camera, pure and simple homophobia is what drove her to remove those images. audrey is hilton, the person that does fuck all and loves herself, and hanna is poor nicole, stuck in her shadow.actors in love: Costar Chris Zylka is engaged, according to a Tweet from his new fiancée. ” model and designer Hanna Beth, 25, wrote on Twitter Saturday. On Sunday she added: “My life feels like a dream right now. So happy.” It seems Zylka, who plays Flash Thompson in the superhero film, gave his bride-to-be more than a ring. Best surprise ever picking her up next week.” Zylka, 28, is known for his small screen roles on Though his social media sites have been silent on the engagement, Zylka did post an Instagram showing the lovey-dovey couple last week. Like I said about Jeffree, it’s the same thing with Audrey, she’s done hanging on her thread of fame, she moved on to Jeffree, now she’s on to Trace. Jefreemama e., July 11, 2008LOL I love how when it comes down to fighting or something jeffree is too much of a pussy cunt to do shit. If trace does fight him, i hope it fucks up his face even more; cause when i look @ jeffree star i see this.

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