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Unsurprisingly, a search of the BBC News web site turned up no articles or videos reporting that butter or any other dairy product in the U. was contaminated with HIV-infected blood, or that anyone was arrested by police for doing such a thing.

“That’s why we should all be concerned because we could be prosecuted for something we didn’t know we have,” Rep. Catherine Hanssens, executive director of the New York-based Center for HIV Law and Policy, estimates that her office monitors “hundreds” of cases per year and one pattern has emerged.Nu Shawn Williams boasted of having unsafe sex with dozens of women after testing positive in 1996 in a case that led to a New York law requiring doctors to report the names of people who test HIV-positive. “Prosecutions are more likely to happen when Black men have white female partner.We have quite a few of those cases in Washington state, ” Hanssens told EBONY.Afacan said he has even treated boys as young as 14 who contracted HIV after sleeping with another male. “Young gay men are not using protection.” Men who have sex with men, or MSMs, include males who identify as gay and also those who hide their sexual preferences for other men.Doctors believe these men are infecting their black female partners, who made up 79% of all new HIV cases among Brooklyn women in 2011 .

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