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As I left, here she comes in her truck with her 5 dogs and her mother? First, I care about her, they’re going trough the honeymoon stage and he’s still being secretive.

Apparently not going to each other houses, she lives with some guy.

It’s eating me alive I don’t like this person I became but he breaks me more and more Reply Thank you so much for this. I definitely have some work on myself I need to do though. The woman whom he triangulated me against reached out and were now friends-acquaintances again. The next day he had court date with another woman in the nieghborhood “Poor widow Kim” whom he had an relationship which he denies. After he made me look crazy in October 2016, I now have PTSD.

He tried to make me jealous with a over-weight woman who glares at me. Just within the last month I’ve been able to come out of my house riding my bike taking walks and etc. Well, he is now seeing another woman up the street from me. But very unattractive, there’s no getting around it. I go to the park next to my house in the morning before work to relax.

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Its been a week since our last horrific conversation but I am certain that I will hold onto no contact this time. If you find that it’s too much to handle on your own, you may want to consider joining us in The Essential No Contact Bootcamp. He left one night and was missing i was so worried days went by i kept texing . I caution all men that it is fun to have a beauty on your arm but at what cost. By the time my second child was born zero affection, intimacy the mask started to fall and he knew that I knew! She has a bad cocaine problem, and yes I suppose I did try to control that and get her into rehab. She would never admit she was wrong and her mood change at the drop of a hat. I do miss the good times which were few but not the bad ones. Reply I know exactly that was my ex husband he was charismatic in the beginning and tons of love bombing.The woman whom he triangulated me against is not happy, because they use to meet and walk their dogs. I want to tell her the truth about him but won’t, it would make me look crazy and she won’t believe me. Later that week I’m on the beach, and here they come while tending her dogs he stood next to me and small talk.Then yesterday, I ran into her coming back from the park and chatted. He and I use to go to that park and made love to each other. Then later that day I was heading home from the beach with my bike.

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