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The calculation of systematic errors for individual groups of constellations in the Almagest 3.3. The meaning of the word "Pelusiensis" (or "Pheludiensis") in the full name of Ptolemy A foreword to Part 2 From the preface to The New Chronology of Egypt. The astronomical dating of Egyptian zodiacs and related difficulties. A list of solutions for the zodiacs from Athribis under less strict conditions 7.

The discovery of a single systematic error made by the compiler of the Almagest for the region of Zod A and the majority of named stars 4. Stylistic changes in the zodiacs from the Napoleonic Egyptian album 7. A new approach to the interpretation of Egyptian zodiacs. An Egyptian zodiac as a description of the entire calendar year that contains the main horoscope's date 4.

Why the dating of the Almagest by individual star movements gives us no reliable result 2. Verification table for the astronomical solution Chapter 17 Dates ciphered in the monumental temple zodiacs of Dendera and Esna 1. The decipherment of the dating contained in the zodiac from the Greater Temple of Esna (EB) 5.1.

An attempt of dating the Almagest catalogue by the aggregate of fast and named stars as compared to the calculated catalogues 2.1. Modern planetary theory precision suffices for the dating of the Egyptian zodiacs 7. The zodiacs from Dendera and Esna as part of the grandiose royal necropolis in the "Royal Bight" of the Nile 2. Horoscope of spring equinox in the DL zodiac 3.5.4. Copies of the zodiac from the Greater Temple of Esna 5.2. Symbols of constellations and planets in the primary horoscope 5.3. The exhaustive solution of the EB zodiac: 31 March – 3 April 1394 a.d. The verification table for the complete solution of the EB zodiac 6.

The dating of the Almagest catalogue by the motion of its eight primary basis stars after the rectification of the statistically discovered catalogue error 5.7. Formal search of the fastest stars in the Almagest catalogue 2.1. The result of identifying the "modern" stars as their counterparts from the Almagest catalogue 2.3. The search of all the fast stars reliably identifiable in the Almagest catalogue Chapter 5 The analysis of the star catalogues' systematic errors 0. variation of the parameters γstat(t) and ϕstat(t) over the course of time 5. Ptolemy's Almagest is most likely to have undergone its final edition already after the death of Tycho Brahe, or the "ancient" Hipparchus 8. Was the heliocentric cosmological system indeed discovered in the first half of the XVI century and not any later? Oddities in the Scaligerian story of how the book of Copernicus was published 7.3. Auxiliary astronomical symbols in Egyptian zodiacs 9.1. The solar bird in the Long Zodiac of Dendera (DL) 9.3. The computer program of the geometrical method of dating of star configurations by their proper movement taking into account the systematic errors of the catalogue 3.

The dating of the Almagest catalogue by the motions of its eight named basis stars by an independent geometrical method Chapter 4 Who is who? The statistical properties of the estimates of γstat and ϕstat 6. A characteristic of the seven areas that we have discovered in the Almagest atlas 2.2. According to Robert Newton, most of the lunar eclipses referred to in the Almagest happen to be relatively recent forgeries Chapter 11 Other problems and hypotheses arising from the dating of the Almagest catalogue by A. Why it is believed that Tycho Brahe "did not accept the theory of Copernicus". The description of the Horos program as used for the purposes of dating the Egyptian zodiacs 4.

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