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While removing one source of guilt from patients, he described another.

This was the unconscious force within the individual that contributed to illness, Freud in fact coming to consider "the obstacle of an unconscious sense of guilt..the most powerful of all obstacles to recovery." Alice Miller claims that "many people suffer all their lives from this oppressive feeling of guilt, the sense of not having lived up to their parents' expectations...argument can overcome these guilt feelings, for they have their beginnings in life's earliest period, and from that they derive their intensity." If you feel guilty, you must be guilty!

Sigmund Freud described this as the result of a struggle between the ego and the superego – parental imprinting.

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As with any other emotion, guilt can be manipulated to control or influence others.As a highly social animal living in large groups that are relatively stable, we need ways to deal with conflicts and events in which we inadvertently or purposefully harm others.If someone causes harm to another, and then feels guilt and demonstrates regret and sorrow, the person harmed is likely to forgive.Thus, guilt makes it possible to forgive, and helps hold the social group together.When we see another person suffering, it can also cause us pain.

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