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About 15 minutes into it I just had to take off my pants.It kind of slowed down the progress of my task because since I didn't have my underwear on to soak up the precum that was steadily drooling from the end of my cock, I had to keep stopping and playing in it.She kind of went into a trance the first time she walked in on me and just froze like a statue.I was too close to the edge when I noticed her and wasn't able to stop my ejaculation. Now, it's just a normal thing to her and most times she just comes in the room, does what she needs, and leaves.I work from home, most of the time, and my wife works downtown.

I've been caught multiple times, by both, with my cock hard and getting stroked.

She's knows how much I love it when I can look into her eyes while I'm cumming.

Lately, she will even come into the living room and sit on the sofa and do her social media stuff on her ipad while I'm masturbating in the chair right next to her!

In fact, she's so comfortable with it now that on occasion, she has "helped" me out!

Other times, depending on what stage I'm in, she will just stop and watch me climax.

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