Is raymond lam dating linda chung

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) She states that she doesnt have the urge to get married but she had taken studio wedding pictures with him in the past.

Also Moses and Bernices love affection for one another had been a subject regularly discussed. He replies by saying that currently hasnt considered to get married but will definitely in the future.

In the series, Ha Yu and Lee Sze Kei will play a husband and wife once again, while Moses Chan, a genius stockbroker with a playboy streak, Chris Lai, the son who doesn't get along with his brothers and sisters, Vincent Wan and Raymond Lam, a responsible family housekeeper will be their sons and Fala Chen, a mute girl, their daughter.

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Story background and plot development The new series will focus on Lee Sze Kei getting her family back together in the background of mooncake business.Afterwards, there were numerous numbers of fans requesting Raymond to take pictures and sign autographs.Always been responsive to fans, this time Raymond rejected all fans' requests with Linda Chung, the fans only could stand aside and wait.Susanna Kwan plays Lee Sze Kei's troublesome sister.Lee Heung Kam will play as Ha Yu's immature and scolding mother, whilst Shirley Yeung and Jack Wu will play Ha Yu and Lee Sze Kei when they were young.

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