Islam and dating by abdul malik accommodating intraocular lenses for cataract surgery

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I used to hate words like "Yerushalayim", "Shalom", "Yesrael", or anything Jewish as I considered them foreign words forced into my homeland of what I and my people called "Palestine".

How is it that the Jew and under all the circumstances, must remain silent?

The Bile did not have a single verse calling the Christians to destroy Jews, yet the tyrants of Christendom spoke on their own accord and the Muslim God was not the same God mentioned in scripture.

How is it then that Christendom claims to follow God's commandments, yet from long ago they failed to have peace with the Jew?

It is only then I realized that the way to true and everlasting peace, is to see how God in the Bible is able to reconcile between Jew and Christian.

I started to realize that God is indeed a God of peace and that the God of Islam is indeed bent on destructing the Jew.

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