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Another good place to meet sex workers is to head to one of Kingston’s many topless and full nude strip clubs.

Some of the best strip clubs in Kingston are Element 86, Lucky 38, and Taboo.

Or just ask a taxi driver to take you to girls, massage, sex, or anything that gets your point across.

He will know where to go, but you might have to haggle because if a tourist shows up in a taxi the prices will be higher.

If you wanted to read about the best mongering in the Caribbean check that link out.

Some guys will tell you to never visit Kingston because it is too rough.

There are a few main cities you will want to hit up, none are all that far, but they aren’t that close either.

Now to one of the best places to monger on the whole island, Shades Nightclub. If you weren’t planning to hit up the Ocho Rios nightlife before reading this now you might want to change your mind.

We aren’t really sure how to classify Shades Nightclub. Once again there will be hookers all around you in the Montego Bay nightlife.

You can also head to the nicest hotels in the city like the Hilton and find them working the bar and the lobby.

They even hang out on the streets around the Hilton.

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