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You can also head to the nicest hotels in the city like the Hilton and find them working the bar and the lobby.They even hang out on the streets around the Hilton.You can probably have sex in the back room here, or ask the sexy naked stripper for her number to meet up later that night.

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If you buy your weed in a tourist trap area expect to get ripped off.

Hookers flock to any sort of touristy area, and this is one of the main ones on the island.

Use Tinder or other dating apps, look for ‘massage parlors’ that are fronts for brothels, and head to ‘Hip Strip’ which is where all of the Montego Bay nightlife is, at least as far as touristy nightlife goes.

Most people that try to find sex in Jamaica end up not enjoying their stay as much as they expected.

Many complain that hot girls are hard to find, the majority of the girls are overweight and sexy faces are hard to come by.

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