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Look what they did to Dave Mustang, their former band member. They would open the concert with this song in shows in '91-'92. Sandman has absolutely nothing to do with Satan but a calling that you're tired & time to go to sleep.If you really LOVE Metallica for their music, then you are failing to realize MOST of it was written by other people and STOLEN. I'm not much into heavy metal but this song has that 'fatal attraction' to it and I make a rare exception to my normal tastes. I've heard songs dating back to the 1930s referencing it as such.Was told they robe oh sorry rob., depending on what Really great meds they posess., you know im sure some times they even sleep inside. Chelsea Caldwell., Hollin., Wilson., Hollingsworth., What shes using now.But if they come to clean your house remember to buy more s Chelsea Caldwell. Plus all names hes using to defrau Chelsea Caldwell Faith caldwell. Louis C Hollingsworth., Louis Craig Hollingsworth., Louis Hollingswort., Faith Kibler., Faith Caldwell., Faith M Wilson., Faith Marie Wilson., Faith C.The people who thought that they sold out are just upset that more and more people from every walk of life are listening to their "little" band.They're upset that they can't keep them in their back pocket anymore. To joe, norristown: I know three of the four song you said (don't know about the watchtower) and there's a difference here.BTW, the commenter who said Cliff Burton died of a heroin habit, well maybe he did have that problem but he was killed in a bus crash in 1986.WOW WOW WOW Its a total sacrilege to read that any one person has either the courage, or total lack of sense or taste to express in any form that "Enter Sandman" is Metallica's best anything... would have been a part of the band by the years 1990 -1991 when the Black album was produced / processed, unless he fell victim to a heroin habit or something which would have forced him to stay with them and sell his soul like the rest did to the likes of MTV, Bob Rock, etc. Anyways I couldn't believe they had come up with a track which featured such stupid lyrics.

This song always (in a way or another) capture the hearts of the listeners, my youngest son, 17, has been listening to this song ever since he was 14! this songs good, but if u want to listen to the best songs ever listen to stairway to heaven, along the watchtower, it's a long way to the top if you want to rock n roll, and welcome to the machine If Metallica ever did put out a recording about flowers and kittens -- well, first, I'd be the first in line to buy it! You're saying you wouldn't insult them for singing about flowers and kittens. Oh yeah, but they did recite an ancient holy prayer... Half of you people are saying it's a satinist song! Metallica is not satinist, in fact some of the members are Christian!

when Jesus talked to god, he didnt say 'i am down the pub for a pint'.

what he actually said was 'god help me please' and thats a remarkable song.i always knew why the Yankees played this Metallica song during a game.

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