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maybe its because they were huge fans The song seems to mention scenes from the movie "The Nightmare on Elm Street".

The praying girl's voice sounds the same to the one in the movie and the dream-monster called sandman looks like a picture of Freddy who lives and acts in the dreams of his victims ("in your head").

I say, fans of Metallica should be thrilled that more and more people started to listen to them, and love a great song with lyrics with a very innocent point of just childhood fears but the way they sing it is so...awesome it makes it seem about death and nightmares and violence and all that other negative stuff i hear but it isn't I find this song to be one of my least favorite by Metallica. And that's what about half the songs are on the black album, lyrically useles, meaningless. Led Zeppelin, AC/DC and Pink Floyd are ROCK band (which are my favourite), but Metallica is, guess what, a METAL band.

The reason James chose this, is it stars his favorite actor of all-time, Clint Eastwood ;)i remind this song to be about the terms of God and why he sleeps at night with the devil's horns raging behind him.when Jesus talked to god, he didnt say 'i am down the pub for a pint'.what he actually said was 'god help me please' and thats a remarkable song.i always knew why the Yankees played this Metallica song during a game.I read the lyrics, and I think nightmares aren't often the subject of a song, and it is really cool like that ^^This song is my favorite song!!After 27 years of pure rock and roll, Metallica still rules!

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