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For the longest time, Jennifer Aniston‘s love life was a staple hot topic to gossip about in Tinseltown.With so much scrutiny and a high profile split from ex-husband Brad Pitt, there’s no question why she has kept her personal life so guarded.Actor Bradley Cooper has urged the media to stop circulating rumors that he is dating Jennifer Aniston — because they really are “just friends.” The pair was linked romantically after they were spotted enjoying a meal at romantic New York Italian restaurant Il Cantinori last week — with many Internet gossips speculating that they have been secretly dating for several months. Cooper, who starred alongside Aniston in recent movie , subsequently denied the stories — but rumors of a relationship refused to go away. At Le 104 the famous actor was asked about his relationships with Jennifer Aniston and denied point-blank there being any truth in the rumors that he was dating her.

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star Jennifer graced the stage on the evening alongside Jeffrey Ross to present the Funniest M. Jen is happily engaged to Justin Theroux and the smitten couple are currently planning their wedding, which is likely to be a "small affair with their closest friends".Harry (ever a third wheel on dates with brother William and sister-in-law Kate) himself spoke out last year about how he was looking to settle down. well, not exactly given the media what they wanted, refusing to be seen publicly with any potential love interests (neither newly single ex-girlfriend Chelsy Davy nor moccasin-loving ex-girlfriend Cressida Bonas), which, well, leaves the tabloids in something of a bind.But, since returning from a summer spent in Africa a few months ago, he has . They can either make up rumors about Harry and potential high-profile girlfriends (Emma Watson, Pippa Middleton, etc.) or they can simply give him the ol’ Aniston treatment, painting him as somewhat sad and lovelorn.The article presented a ficticious dinner with Pitt, Sean Penn, Bradley Cooper, Laura Dern, and Clooney as proof.However, Clooney wasn't even at the restaurant when the rest of them had dinner, according to Gossip Cop.

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