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A wealthy mogul organizes a world fighting tournament on an offshore Chinese island.His hated son in search for vengeance and a pair of cops investigating the real reason for holding the tournament, secretly join the fighters.I only recall playing Tekken 3 and the arcade game version.When I realized this film existed, I was surprise because while the franchise was popular, it wasn't as big as Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter.Jin Kazama (John Foo) witnesses the death of his mother Jun (Tomita) by Tekken in the slums known as Anvil.Vowing vengeance, and armed only with his street smarts and raw fighting skills, he enters a dangerous and potentially deadly combat tournament, where he must defeat the world's most elite fighters to become the "King of the Iron Fist." When Steve Fox gets shot there are no bulletwounds visible, and the camera moves away from him.Meet Lebanon Singles Today Kamenashi Kazuya Dating Top 10 Online Dating Sites.Compare and Try the Best Sites Kamenashi Kazuya Dating Meet Black Christians on .

Plot: After numerous wars messed up the planet, governments dissolved and corporations took over, the most powerful being Tekken, headed my Heihachi Mishima (Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa from Mortal Kombat! Every year, a tournament called Iron Fist takes place were fighters from different corporations battle each other brutally for the people's entertainment.I'm not sure why some people didn't like this movie adaptation. This is good old-fashion tournament fighting and I highly recommend that you check this out. Shuji (Kamenashi Kazuya) is one of the most popular guys in school. See full summary » Sixteen-year-old Kako Motoya is a high school Freshman and single.Yankumi, and her life as a new high school teacher.Unlike the other new teachers at her school Kumiko gets placed with teh...

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