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The youngest of three brothers, raised in Lewistown, PA. 1995-1999 Yocum suffered from depression and Heroin addiction while writing music and playing shows with his grunge band. Unfortunately he did not find one in the service but benefited from the structure and discipline he gained in the military. He attended a catholic primary school.1986-1991 Yocum was diagnosed with Touretts Syndrome and Attention Deficit Disorder in 1993. He made his first oil painting on canvas and donated it to the school.His works give viewers large, sometimes painful glimpses into his yesterday. Yocum is not your typical village dwelling artisan. He has truly graduated the school of hard knocks, and is grateful for every success he has experienced.

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County government offices are located at 20 North Wayne Street, Lewistown PA 17044; phone: 717-248-6733.

The ending of a romantic relationship in December of 2006 left Luke as a struggling artist/single father after he decided to raise his ex-girlfriend's child as his own while pursuing a career in art.

Luke was discovered as a brilliant art talent in 2007 by Gallery directors Angela Di Bella and Robert Brooks in Chelsea, NY.

Historical Background [1] Before settlers came to Mifflin County, the area was home to several tribes of Native Americans The first were the Juniata and the Susquehanna who warred with the Mohawks in what is now New York State.

Though the Pennsylvania tribes were victorious at first, the Mohawks invaded in 1640 completely destroying the Juniata and Susquehanna with the aid of French firearms.

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