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Before his matchmaking career, David studied journalism and wrote for several national publications including .

A romantic at heart and part of a successful long-term relationship, David loves weddings, romantic comedies and often refers to himself as a "Romance Enthusiast!

Clampitt: VIP Life male clients tend to range from late 20’s to mid 50’s, with varied occupations including CEOs, entrepreneurs, real estate developers, finance professionals, entertainment executives, doctors, lawyers, among others.

Clients are often very busy and are ready to outsource their love life.

Act like a lady and keep conversations on the first few dates light. Clampitt: One of the biggest requests VIP Life gets from its male clients is that they want a sweet and genuine woman who is not angry or jaded.

Don't talk about failed past relationships or financial problems or politics. It is important never to give up and to continue to go out and date and date until you find your special someone and remember that life isn't supposed to be easy and where there is a will there is a way. Key tips on finding and keeping a millionaire are to be open, approachable, loving, fun, happy, flirtatious, curious, and light hearted especially in the beginning.

Remember that if it was meant to be than it is going to be. Once in a relationship, don't forget the beginning tips and never take the relationship for granted. Love and business are two completely different skill sets. What is average for one guy could be spectacular to another. They are beautiful and sophisticated women interested in having a long-term relationship with dynamic and attractive men that have proven their success within the business community, and these men want to meet women of exceptional beauty, grace and substantive intellect.

The easy part to my job and to all that are in search of love is to remember that chemistry comes from the man above. A common misconception is that a millionaire has all the answers and knows exactly what he wants. We all have a desire to love and be loved and the path to a long-term healthy relationship is not always the obvious road. What are the chances for an average looking gal to date a millionaire? Beauty is to the successful man as money is to the attractive woman.

When people talk about millionaires, many may think about the lavish lifestyle, luxurious vacations and designer clothes.

Remember that if one has been chosen by me and I think you are worthy then you must be.

Be truthful, Be sincere, be cool, calm and collected and most importantly, have fun and be yourself.

Clampitt: Men are visual creatures to begin with and when a man has it all, his visual expectations can become even more particular. Men are looking for it all; looks, style, personality, intellectual compatibility, good nature and in the end; LOVE.

VIP Life works with the most discerning clients who are not willing to settle.

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