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Simmons tested 94 heterosexual women and men, first asking participants the sex of a "gender-neutral" face generated by combining many photos of men and women.

Participants then rated the attractiveness of the faces and whether they thought that person was likely to commit adultery, a factor typically considered when choosing a mate.

The double-blind nature of the current study lends increased support to this conclusion.

If human sex pheromones affect our judgements of gender, attractiveness or unfaithfulness from faces, they are unlikely to be AND or EST," the abstract said.

In early 2017, the contract to hold F1 racing in Russia’s Sochi was extended until 2025.

Expensive fragrances often market EST as a female pheromone and AND as a male pheromone, despite there being no scientific basis for the claims.

The team said, "We recommend a return to first principles in the search for human pheromones," calling for trials to be entrusted to scientists, instead of perfume labs.

According to a statement on the Russian government’s official website, legislation amendments are currently being prepared to make the racetrack state-owned or to hand it over to a non-commercial organization, exempt from the value-added tax.

The new owner’s statutory goal will be to "popularize and hold the FIA Formula 1 world championships." The amendments are to enter force in July 2019.

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